Thursday, July 9, 2009

Transportation Frustration

On April 15, I was driving home in the rain, taking the ramp to get on the Ben Franklin bridge. As any good Philly driver would know, there are three lanes there. I was in the righmost lane, and there was an 18-wheeler in the middle lane, to my left. We were going very slowly due to the weather and the deep curve of the road. I guess Mr. Truck driver decided he liked my lane better than his, because I felt and heard a bump. He rear-ended me! He could have killed me, but luckily he just tore off my bumper.

Here's the kicker: he told his insurance company that I hit him!

(mental forehead slap!)

My insurance company is dumbfounded and they're being really great, but long story short, Mr. Truck Driver's insurance won't pay for the damage, even though he clearly rear-ended me. Did they think I was driving backwards on the ramp? Grrrr!

I don't get it. All I want is a new bumper (or my old one reattached!) In the litigious society we live in, any other person would have sued them for whiplash, but I just want a bumper.

Anyway, tomorrow, I have to get up super early and fight traffic to get an estimate for repairs. Yuck. Send me happy bumper thoughts!


Monica the Bride said...

That is really dumb! That jack ass obviously hit you, and you deserve to have the repairs paid for! I hope you get this all settled in your favor.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! That could have been so much worse, though. But how is it that their insurance isn't paying for the screw up?? Jerks!

JennXOXO said...

Sending lots of bumber vibes! Hope it went well this morning!

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