Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy to Serve You

I love when I get great customer service, and today was a day overflowing with courtesy and good-natured, helpful people, so I'll tell you all about it!

My first stop was Collision Max in Pennsuaken to get an estimate on my car repairs. The Geico representative, Joe, was so pleasant. I felt really comfortable leaving my car there. I was picked up by the Enterprise driver and representative to get a rental. Matt, the rep, and Andy, the driver, were a lot of fun. They called me with the damage, and there was more internal damage than I thought, but they'll get it fixed soon, and it's all guaranteed. I'm currently driving some really fast, black car that I hate because it's so powerful it scares me, but I look hot in it. : ) I'm really comfortable having Geico on my side.

Next up was David's Bridal in Maple Shade, NJ. I know, David's Bridal gets a really bad rap, and even I have had my problems with them. (I was in a wedding last year, and my DB shoes broke in the middle of the ceremony. It took several calls to corporate to get a refund.) I went today to get a few things for upcoming events, and I had dropped the ball to get shoes. I needed dyed shoes asap, but the fastest they were expected to get to me was in one week. The woman who helped me, Irina, did them on the spot! On a Friday evening in the middle of wedding season! I was so grateful that I almost teared up. Thanks, Irina! Also worth mentioning is the latest line of bridal gowns that Dabid's had. They were better quality with much better attention to detail than I have seen in years. they definitaly didn't have dresses like that when I was gown shopping! Some designs were reminiscent of Grace Kelly and Jackie O. Swoon!

Next, I went to pick up a dress I had ordered to wear to my brother-in-law's wedding this fall. I got distracted on my way into the store by Toes 2 Toes in Maple Shade next to the bridal shop. I don't even like shoes usually, but they had a sidewalk sale of really cute stuff outside. cute enough for me, the flip-flop/ballet flat-wearer to take a look inside. I was in that little boutique for an hour, chatting with staff for almost an hour. It was like I had known them forever. I tried on some cool stuff, most of which I would never wear in real life, but all high quality with great prices. I ended up getting two pairs of shoes (tally 3 pairs of shoes for the day, more than I buy in a year usually!), one to wear to the fore-mentioned wedding and another for fun from Opposites Attract, which are super fun because they have interchangeable accessories.

My last stop was to finally go back to Kay Bridal to pick up that gown. I bought my wedding dress there and had a great experience, so my mom got her gown for the wedding there as well. I can't stop going back! They remembered me and asked about the wedding and about my mom's health. How sweet! The dress fit perfectly (except the hem, but that's to be expected).

All in all, a day of great service. Research by the Disney company states that for every bad customer service experience, the consumer tells three friends or associates, but for every good experience, they tell 7-10 people. When is the last time you had great service?


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