Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thanks to Monica


... for helping me figure out how to make the blog prettier!

The honeymoon is over


Ahh, wedded bliss! The wedding is over (thank goodness) and we're a month and a half into married life. I've started this blog to document the hikinks of a broke South Jersey newlywed couple, as well as to pretend there are people who like to listen to me. I will throw in some social commentary because I have no filter, as well as the occasional book and product review from time to time because I was That Kid in school, the kind that liked assignments.

I have already learned so much about marriage! For example:

~ Getting married does not magically teach your husband where to put his dirty socks.

~ Nor does it teach a new wife how to cook. I have cooked a total of one meal for my husband since being married. It's something I will work on, but I am truly hopeless in a kitchen.

~ Husbands are really neat to have. Mine has kept a crystal vase that we got as a wedding gift filled with fresh roses since we returned from our honeymoon. I think his dad taught him this trick. It's not something Jeff knew how to do as a Fiance, but Husband Jeff is pretty good at it.

~ Having a new name is strange. It's like wearing a new pair of jeans or shoes that need to be broken in, except you can never take them off. I still feel strange around my family when I have to say or spell my married name.

~ Perfect strangers will congratulate you! I learned this in the name-changing process. It's fun, like winning a prize every time you fill out a form.

~ Wedding rings are Man Repellant. It's a very cool trick. Proudly wearing your shiny new wedding band, venture in to any public place where previously you practically had to go incognito for sheer volume of time wasted from guys hitting on you. It's magic! Nobody bothers you. Fabulous! It cuts errand time in half. An even more fun game is when the poor souls belatedly notice the rings. They wince, then sheepishly exit. Excellent. Disclaimer: This trick does not work with the kiosk people in the mall trying to sell hand lotion. Please email me if you have a solution to this pesky problem.