Monday, July 6, 2009

My Life is Average

It's the end of a beautiful holiday weekend! I hope everyone had a nice time.

On Friday night, I reorganized my bathroom cabinet. It needed it. It made me very happy. My life is average.

Saturday was fun, though. I went to the pool with Jeff's family to celebrate Independence Day, my brother-in-law's30th birthday, and his pre-bachelor-party dinner. Yay Steve!

How did you spend the holiday? I bet it wasn't as cool as my Friday!


Monica the Bride said...

Geez Stacy! You're such a wild child. Organizing bathroom cabinets? What's next- the pantry?

That being said, I spent my Friday eating Domino's pizza and working on my office makeover. I'm average as well.

JennXOXO said...

I reorganized my makeup table lol! That makes both of us cool. :) Brian and I stayed home most of the weekend and ran errands & did chores. Fun!

Anonymous said...

I spent the weekend working my tail off at Disney. I managed to make it home on Saturday before fireworks happened, though, which was nice, but we didn't actually see many because we were next door and having beers in their backyard. All in all, not a wasted weekend.

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