Monday, January 11, 2010

Inspirational Story

Tonight, my husband and his EMS partner Beth Anne were honored by the township in which they volunteer for winning the NJ State gold medal for EMS services. That was exciting, but I was even more touched by another person being honored this evening.

Mrs. Carmen was born in 1917. She loved school, but had to drop out right before her senior year of high school in 1934 in order to get a job and help her parents and family through The Depression. She raised 4 children and has 9 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren- all of that mothering also kept her away from school. Still, Mrs. Carmen was never deterred from achieving her dream of graduating from high school and she kept education at the top of her priority list. She took classes for seniors little by little, and 75 years after dropping out of high school, she received her high school diploma. She will walk at this year's Lenape High School graduation.

Isn't she amazing?

Never give up on your dreams!


Monica the Bride said...

That is amazing! I needed to read something inspirational today. :-)

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