Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Crock, Indeed

I do not like to cook. (Thank goodness Jeff does.) I just don't enjoy it. It stresses me out, too many things can go wrong, then you end up disappointing people. ugh! Plus, I get so tired of looking at whatever I am cooking, that by the time it is done, I just am not interested any more. I am also terrified of getting burned, so I try to stay out of the kitchen.

Bad wife? Oh well.

Anything I do make has to be really simple and generally idiot-proof. So far, Jeff likes mostly everything I have made him and he hasn't yet been poisoned(although I did set two oven mitts on fire last week). I thought that getting a Crock Pot would make things even more simple in the kitchen, but I have realized that I was wrong.

I guess I had this image in my head that I could throw in some mud, a few rocks, and maybe a dash of salt and pepper into the pot and it would make me a glorious feast...

Here's news if you haven't heard: making food in the Crock Pot is just as much work, it just takes a reallllllly long time!

Who knew?

So... you chop, mince, dice, slice, and all the prep work that I hate. The house smells amazing all day long, your mouth is watering, and you sit down to eat. And that's it. No confetti or anything. Just waiting. Lots of waiting.

I realize that part of the draw is theoretically being able to set the device and go to work to come back to a hot meal, but let's face it. I can't even leave the house if my toaster or hair dryer is plugged in. If I left a Crock Pot on and left the house for any length of time, I would lose my mind with worry. Plus, I am pretty sure Piper is bold enough to jump up on the counter and break into the pot.

Am I the only person who thought that maybe, just maybe, a Crock Pot would create just a teensy bit of magic?

Does anyone have super simple recipes they'd like to share?


JennXOXO said...

Aw, I'm sorry you don't love your crock pot. Maybe give it time and a few recipes later you might love it. I love our crock pot! We go to work and leave it on for 10 hours then come home to a nice warm dinner. Here's a link to a blog I follow. She posts crockpot recipes. :)

Freely Living Life said...


We are already followers of your blog but wanted to stop by to check out what was new and to say hi! Hope everything is going well for you. Have a fabulous day! <3

Tree said...

You sound very much like me....I can cook very well, but do NOT like to. LOL Good thing the hubby went to culinary school, and loves it or my kids would never eat. tee hee

Hi....coming over for FF to say howdy and following you with both of my blogs!

Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)

Tree said...

I'm back....just wanted to say your blog is one of my new favorites. :) And not just because you're in NJ. LOL

I've left a couple "blog awards" for you on my blog....stop on over and snag them up! :) Love your blog.

Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)

Lily said...

hATE cooking!!!
my MIL says im terrible at it and that I can only cook 1 thing, hubby and kids say she's just teasing me...
an 11 yr tease :/
good thing hubby LOVES to cook ;)

I tried the crockpot once, the dog liked it, hahahaaa

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