Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Colander of Love

Here is a love story from my life that trumps any Valentine's Day:

Once upon a time, Jeff was very commitment-phobic. My first year of grad school, I was 24 and we had been together for over 4 years. I was ready to make a big change, but he... wasn't. He couldn't imagine any benefit to moving out of his mom's house, where she cooked for him, did his laundry, and bought his underwear.

I was unhappy with this mentality, to say the least. I wanted more. I was ready for marriage, a house, kids.. all that good grown-up stuff. Alas. I was willing to wait a little longer for Jeff to come around, though not much.

At the time, I was living in a house about a block from campus that was filled with 5 18-year-old girls (that's a whole different story) and myself. They were gross, so I kept separate kitchen stuff that I would hide in my attic room until I needed to use it. I was seriously lacking in equipment, and it was a challenge to strain pasta with just a fork. Try it.

Jeff came by one evening with a little mesh colander, but oh so much more. You see, when he gave it to me, he said, "I got this for you, you know, I figured we'd need one anyway when we moved in together."

Angels singing, harps, the heavens parting, all of it! It was better than diamonds! I was so happy!

Of course when I shared this with the only two guys in my class, they thought it was hilarious that I would get so excited over a colander, which they dubbed the Colander of Love. They suggested I wait until I was given the Cheese Grater of Fidelity or the Spatula of Eternity, but I knew what the colander stood for.

The moral of the story is simple: "Love is expressed in many ways, even in colanders, and will come around when the time is right." Also, "don't look a gift colander in the...holes?" If you get a toaster as a gift, it might just mean that special someone wants to make you breakfast forever. : )


JennXOXO said...

Aw that is such a sweet story! I'm so emo right now that the last sentence made my eyes well up.
:P Happy valentine's day! <3

Kelly's Lucky You said...

You're right that is a great story! Thanks for sharing it....and your fun writing style.

I found you through Friday Follow - nice to meet you!

Would you follow me back?

Kelly from Kelly's Lucky You

Sheri said...

Awww so so sweet!! I'm here from #FF. My DH wasn't commitment phobic, but he never even thought about getting married until he moved away from college...just ask me about the oh so romantic proposal. LOL (I actually think it was sweet and spur of the moment and "I can't live without you lets get married" type of a moment)

Heather McDougle said...

I'm following you from Friday Follow!

cristiniscouponcrazy said...

i found you through friday follow:)
i am now follwing you
i also live in south jersey:)
have a great weekend!

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