Friday, May 7, 2010

I Still Have It : P

Yesterday I got some bad news, so I was super stressed. My pal Laura convinced me to go to dance class anyway, and like the good friend she is, made sure we got some Ben & Jerry's on the way home. (PS- Try the new Boston Cream Pie flavor- OMG!)

So, I was standing in the aisle with two pints of B&J's in my arms, ratty ponytail, dinosaur t-shirt, and sparkly flip-flops, with circles under my eyes from crying, when a handsome man approached.

"Excuse me, are you single?" asked Handsome.

"Me?" (looked around) "Um, no, haha, I am married."

H: Are you sure? You aren't wearing rings.

S: (looks at fingers) Oh! Um. Crap. I left them at home. I was at dance practice!

Laura: She is married. I can vouch for that.

S: Look, see my wedding ring tan lines?! (I was stressed to the point of hysterical and not expecting human contact)

H: Ok. Well, where do you dance.

S: (blank stare.) Oh. ummmmmm... in Philly?

H: Yeah, but is it jazz? hip hop?

S: Ummmmm.... (looks desparately at Laura. Please save me.)

L: It's... contemporary

H: Ok... Well, are you sure you're not single? You have great legs.

So, that was weird, but hilarious. I guess I should wear my dinosaur tee and look crazy more often.


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