Sunday, November 15, 2009

Little monsters

I was combing through Jinx's fur today, and I found a dreaded flea crawling around! I am freaking out. I immediately flashed back to when I was a child and we had to give away my beloved Burmese cat Sheba because she had fleas. We couldn't get rid of them, and I am highly allergic.

We have had Jinx for a few months now. I checked her right away for fleas when we adopted her, and didn't find any. I check through her fur often and never saw any evidence until today, plus she has been to the vet three times since we have gotten her for regular check ups and shots. I haven't been bitten at all. All of this makes me think that the fleas came recently. Both of our cats are indoor cats, but we have a lot of friends with pets, and Jeff is in and out of people's homes a lot with his job. This makes me think that one jumped onto our clothing and hitchiked back to our apartment.

Jinx had been a little itchy and I found scabs on her head in the past couple of weeks, but I thought it was from sparring with Piper. Like I said, I check through her fur often. I feel so bad! I checked Piper immediately after I saw one on Jinx, and of course, poor Piper cat has them too.

I went to Pet Smart and got some of the smear-it-on-the-back-of-the-neck medicine and a flea comb. I couldn't bring myself to get a shampoo because Piper has never had a bath in her life and at 9 years old I don't want to have to put her through it.

I hope our apartment isn't infested and we can take care of this quickly. Last time Piper picked up fleas after she went on an overnight adventure outside in Riverside, they all lived in her ears after I put the medicine on them. It was awful!

Any tips? Thanks!


JennXOXO said...

Oh no! That's horrible! We always apply Frontline on both of our dogs every month so we haven't run into any problems yet.
Good luck! Hope you don't find any more :(

The DIY Show Off said...

Oh no! Poor things. I hope you find a simple solution. Sorry I don't have any advice. Good luck!

I just wanted to tell you - I love that you take the time to come over and visit so often. :)


The DIY Show Off said...

Oh - and thank you for your votes too! I appreciate your help!

The DIY Show Off said...

It's me again. :) Thanks so much for your continuing dedicated help. You're awesome! :)

Enjoy the weekend!

the fourth door said...

I'm late to reading this but having lived through two summers of flea investations I've learned some tips!

Good old blue Dawn soap is your best friend. Bathe all the animals in your house regularly with this stuff. You'd be suprised at how well some cats can do in the bath. Mine just sits there.

Don't bother with anything other than Frontline. It is expensive, but its the only thing that really worked for us. Everything else topical was total crap.

Bomb your place. Get the foggers and put one in every room. Vaccum every single day to get the eggs up. Put a flea collar in your bag to kill any that you vaccum up.

I feel terrible. Fleas are tiny little devils.

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